Brett Nicoletti


Brett Nicoletti is an award winning filmmaker working in documentary-style content with a mission to shine a light on people and organizations who are making a positive impact on the world. Over the past decade, Brett has directed dozens of film projects for global brands and non-profit organizations, helping them to tell their stories with authenticity, emotion, and joy.

Brett has uniquely positioned himself as a Director/Editor, having spent the 1st half of his career editing commercial and long-form projects for high-profile brands including Nike, Netflix, Apple and Coke. This unique skillset allows Brett to take a project from concept to delivery, and gives his clients the extra-special benefit of spending TWICE as much time with him as they would any other director.

Brett has directed 2 independent films that have made their way through the American film festival circuit, and is currently developing his next feature. In the meantime, Brett lives in Pasadena, CA with his wife, aging children and dogs. In is free time, Brett runs (very slowly) through the San Gabriel Mountains.